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Obsessive Compulsive DisorderAnxietyTics
Nail bitingHoarding DisorderPhobias
Body-focused Repetitive BehaviorsHair PullingPanic Disorder
Nose pickingDepressionWorry

When you contact Delaware Therapy Services, you can expect an experience that is focused on you and your goals from the beginning. The goal of each session is to help you get back to a place of meaning in your life.Before we begin you will complete intake paperwork including background information, confidentiality agreement, the expectations for the therapeutic relationship, baseline assessments, and financial agreements.The first session will include a thorough assessment to help us understand your needs and current experiences. We will begin developing the treatment plan and hierarchy, for those who experience OCD, in this first session. We will also engage in psychoeducation to help you understand your symptoms and the therapy we will use to address these symptoms.Subsequent sessions will include further developing the treatment plan as needed and then implementing the therapy. For OCD, we will practice Exposure and Response Prevention therapy both in and between sessions. For CBT, we will work to understand the connection between your thoughts and behavior and the impact that has on your life. For BFRBs, we will use Habit Reversal Training (HRT) to assess the function of the behaviors, bring more awareness to the behaviors, and practice competing responses. You will complete assessments again to track your progress.We would expect to meet more frequently for approximately the first 10 sessions for you to learn the skills and understand the therapeutic techniques. We would then begin a less frequent session schedule. We do this to focus more on how you are practicing the therapeutic techniques between sessions rather than what we are doing in the sessions.NOTE: Client must be physically in Delaware or Pennsylvania at the time of sessions, regardless of residency, due to licensure laws. Sessions cannot be conducted otherwise.

ERPExposure TherapyHRTCBT


Delaware Therapy Services was started in 2019 by Jeff Pincin, LPCMH. From the beginning, we have exclusively conducted teletherapy sessions to make mental health therapy more accessible and convenient for clients. We specialize in treating OCD, obsessive compulsive related conditions, and anxiety. We only use HIPAA-compliant video software to ensure your confidentiality. Delaware Therapy Services is committed to making your therapy experience personal, helpful, and meaningful.NOTE: Client must be physically in Delaware or Pennsylvania at the time of sessions, regardless of residency, due to licensure laws. Sessions cannot be conducted otherwise.

Jeff Pincin, LPCMH

Jeff has been a therapist since 2017 after graduating from Wilmington University with a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Jeff experienced obsessions and compulsions as a kid and engaged in excessive rituals every day. He felt like he was weird and never told anybody about what he felt like he needed to do, so he suffered in silence. Once Jeff learned about ERP, he realized others do not have to suffer through OCD. He takes pride in being able to help others disengage from intrusive thoughts, break the cycle of giving into compulsions, stop living by the fear of uncertainty, and embrace the freedom of living life instead of thinking about how to live life. Jeff lives in Newark, Delaware spending as much time as he can with his wife, son, and daughter.View his Psychology Today Profile

Free Virtual OCD Support Group

3rd Tuesday of each month from 1:00-2:00pmFor adults experiencing any theme of OCD. The group will focus on supporting you in your journey through not giving into compulsions.Please contact [email protected] to sign up, get enrolled, and receive the Zoom link. The group will meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month starting June 18, 2024. Must be at least 18 years old.

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  • We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare

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